Working Towards My Coaching Certifications

I have started to think about when I shall be able to get a good job. Of course I am still hoping to get in to coaching and I have got all the certifications that I need right now. At the moment I am working with an amateur soccer league in Round Rock Texas m although that is just something that is temporary. The hope is that I am going to be able to find a teaching job pretty soon at some place, most hopefully a place with a wrestling team that needs a coach. Of course I was able to get a scholarship to wrestle in college for a good three years. It did not last because of an injury which forced me to give it up while I finished school. I had a pretty serious groin injury which is not all that uncommon in wrestling. The truth is that we were wrestling in a weight class against really big guys and this guy got tangled up. It was just an awkward accident, something that was a real fluke.

At any rate I am thinking that the jobs I want are there, but I have to look around if I want them. Of course it may well not be here where I want it to be. I might have to go some place like Austin or Fort Worth or Dallas. There are millions of people in those cities and a lot of schools where they have kids to coach. Around here they have kids and schools, but they already have plenty of teachers from all that I can tell . It is not like any of them are in a big hurry to give me a job so that I can tell it. So I may have to go where the jobs are.