Will Google Introduce Artificial Intelligence

Knowing how to code for machine learning has quickly become one of the most sought out skills in the nation. In less than five years we have seen an explosion in the commercial interest for these incredibly advanced systems of computing learning that had once only been a esoteric research field in computer science labs. I like to think that it is Google’s experience with their own search engine that drove them to build the world’s largest machine learning lab. With SEO utilizing keywords like click here invoicehome.com, it’s clear that we often think about our queries in an indirect manner.

At the heart of machine learning lies ones of the treasures of mankind’s scientific hopes; artificial intelligence. Google is in a very unique position to their ability to provide a massive amount of data for their researchers to work with while also possessing one of the largest open sourced experiments possible. Some of these algorithms have been designed to learn how to pick out the most important words from a series of them in order to produce entirely new unique works of art. These images are generated based on how they organize the contextual meaning of the words given to them and how they chosen to define it within the parameters of their programming.

From here, Google can take a step further and allow such an algorithm the chance to learn in an unsupervised environment that would constantly offer it new input to engage with. In the end, words are merely noises that serve to pack meaning into complex sounds. So it is that these strings of code are able to break down complex human language and reduce it into a visual signals that reflect both on our ability to express ourselves as it does our skill at using a search engine.