Why Buy when You Can Rent Like This?

The Marq in Tampa Florida is the new standard for apartment communities. No longer are apartment communities just a barren piece of land filled with boxes that people live in, now they really live up to their name as apartment communities. Before a developer would buy whatever land he could and build as many box style cookie cutter apartments they could to fill the property, they called it a community but that was the loosest definition possible. You’d be lucky if there was a shopping center nearby or a 7/11 on the corner. Since the housing boom/bust and the inevitable recession there has been a need for real apartment communities and The Marq in Tampa Florida is what the new breed of apartment communities is all about.

These new apartment communities start with the developer actually researching the land they are purchasing so it’s in the best possible part of town in relation to things such as good schools, fire and police departments and shopping, but it doesn’t end there. Instead of building the typical box apartments with a few different layouts they actually build architecturally esthetics buildings laid out with you in mind that fits in beautifully with the surroundings. These apartments are more like mini houses with all the latest amenities and quality craftsmanship from the flooring and cabinets to the well appointed bathrooms and kitchens.

Another huge selling point on the new apartment community living is the fact that they have actually made them communities by thinking ahead and adding restaurants, shops and necessities into the design plan so you are surrounded by the things that make a community. Most people hope to get a pool when they look for an apartment but these new communities off so much more including restaurants, dry cleaning, conference centers, daycare and so much more.