They Just Don’t Understand Technology

My father finally decided to do something about his back pain, so he enlisted my help in finding a chiropractor for treatment. I told him to do a quick search online so that I could help him pick one. There were so many Sacramento chiropractors to choose from that my father just threw his hands in the air and completely gave up. This tends to happen a lot with him and technology. Once we were trying to book a flight online and he just became overwhelmed by all of the information on the web pages.

Since my father had essentially tapped out, I took over and used the computer to find a chiropractor that I thought would be good for him. It wasn’t even that hard to find one, I just had to look at the reviews for each one and see which one had the highest ratings. Lots of people have essentially already done the work of finding ones that are good by going to them before anyone else. Since they share their experiences online, other people just have to look and they can see which ones are good enough to visit and which to avoid at all costs.

Things went pretty well for my father once we were able to get an appointment. He had no fear about going to the chiropractor, so I’m not sure why it took him so long to finally make an appointment. I guess it’s just his ability to procrastinate, because he probably could have made an appointment by calling on the phone if he didn’t want to use the Internet. In any case, his back pain is gone now. He just needed some treatment and a little medication and he was as good as new. Now if he could only do something about his old glasses.