The New Shop is About to Open

I have not ever been in charge of a shop before and I am learning a lot the hard way. My boss shows up once a week, which is obviously to look over my shoulder. He fixed me up with something called a paystub maker because we have a rather specific need for it with a new employer. He is here on a visa which allows him to work under specific conditions. I can not really explain it and I honestly do not really care all that much about it to be perfectly honest. If he needs to have a pay stub, then we can find a way to get that done. However I have a lot of things which are a lot more important for me to deal with. Obviously we use direct deposit and the company has as long as I have worked here has done this. I love it and I always have, there is not any real purpose to having to spend half an hour of your time in a bank cashing a pay check.

At any rate so far nothing has come up that I have not been able to deal with, eventually at least. There has been some new problem every day and I would guess that if I had more experience none of it would be that big of a deal. If you have been around the block a few times, then you are going to sooner or later figure out how to deal with different things. None of this was serious. No one here is having any problems with me or any other person. I have seen plenty of issues where guys simply could not get along with one another. That can really be a huge problem when you are in charge of things.