Texting and Driving Can Ruin Lives

I was upset when I found out that the person who had hit my husband’s car and caused him a lot of pain was texting while he was driving. It was for a commercial vehicle too, which made it even worse because they are supposed to be professionally trained drivers. My husband nearly lost his life because of this, and I had a very hard time understanding how someone could be so careless. Even worse, there was no remorse shown. I knew that we needed to find an auto accident attorney in Sacramento who would take on our case because we definitely needed someone who knew a lot more about the law than we did.

My husband missed nearly five months of work, and he has had to go through six different surgeries. Though he is back at work now, it is not in the same capacity because he is no longer able to do what he loved doing for 20 years. He gets dizzy, so he cannot operate any heavy machinery or climb any ladders, and both of those things are necessary in the construction business. He is pretty much a glorified secretary now, and even then, he cannot perform everything that needs done on some days.

It infuriated me that the man who caused my husband’s life to change so drastically was still able to do everything he loved after the accident. I didn’t wish any harm to come to him, but I did want him to show some compassion our way. Rather than deal with him, his trucking company, or the insurance companies, we left it in the capable hands of our attorney from the Amerio Law Firm. He came highly recommended, and I know that he is going to make sure that my husband is taken care of.