Taking Control of My Vehicle’s OBD and ECU to Tweak Field Performance

I have a special SUV I use as a geologist. I work for energy exploration companies as a subcontractor. Therefore, I provide my own equipment. I can be out in the middle of nowhere for days in my SUV. It even has an elevated platform I can set up a tent on. In order to make it perform like I want in the field, I use VagCom OBD and ECU software along with a fully functional connection cable to adjust engine and transmission performance. I need to have one set of parameters for driving on the paved roads, and another set for when I am off road. This is especially true if I am in very high elevations.

I just have the software on my laptop, and I make the adjustments as they are needed. I have learned a lot about vehicles since I was a kid. I use the knowledge to get me and my vehicle into places other geologists just fly over or look at satellite images to make decisions. I get into the area to look and touch the soil and examine the rock strata. I guess that is why I keep working steady. I use a mix of the old way of doing things along with the new. That and a lot of experience keep me working.

My wife and our two dogs go with me on some assignments. We like high desert areas and even areas where there are snowfields. My trusty vehicle gets us where we need to go. Performing engine and transmission tweaks, having tires with Aramid fibers woven in the treads and sidewalls, and carrying food, fuel and water make for fun adventures into the field in relative safety. When we reach the edge of the highway for the ride back home, I plug in the scanner cable and run the On-board diagnostic and electronic control unit software to readjust engine performance for the regular world again.