Started to Budget the Business

It is not a simple thing to figure out. Jack and I are looking at locations and we are checking out the details. Stuff that you do not think about at first is going to be important around the margins. For instance we have some pretty big energy costs associated with the basic operating expenses of such an operation. So it is important to figure out what the Arlington electricity company rates will be. You have to have a good idea of what that is going to run you on a monthly basis and whether or not there is going to be a location where the rates will be more affordable. It matters a lot in a residential setting, but we are going to be using as much power as four or five homes would rather easily. So the rates on the eletctricity is a much bigger deal to us than it is even to the normal person. This is a matter of whether or not the whole thing is feasible at some point.

Of course you are in this for a dime or a dollar. It is like this, you either put up the money it cost to make the operating expenses or you do not bother showing up. It is going to be expensive and you have to be able to weather it. In fact we are quite sure that we will lose money for a certain period of time. The question is how long it takes to get things going on the right path and have the money flowing in the right direction. You only get so much time before you run out of time and you run out of money, It is not like we can afford to lose money for very long, but we know we probably shall.