Started on a New Project

The boss and I did an inspection yesterday and started to think about how logical it is going to be to work on this brownstone that he wants to buy. Of course the building is really pretty old and the last owner has not been doing very much to keep it up. I spent the day with this guy I know who provides hvac services in NYC and he gave me a quote that makes a bit of sense for us, although it is sort of on the margins of what we were hoping. Obviously any time you get a quote on a job you are going to want to have it be less, but this is something that can be worked around. You just have to accept that the other guy needs to make money or it does not make any sense for him to work for you. We are certainly going in this with the intent of making a profit for ourselves.

I am probably going to get a place set up where I can lay down and sleep. That is something I have been doing, although I still come home any time that it makes sense. However if I have no other stuff that I need to do then I will set to sleep in the building that I am working on. If you just plan on going home to drink a few beers and watch a baseball game, then you can do that just as easily in the place that you are at. It really saves me a lot of effort, especially when you are working forty five minutes away from my apartment. In this case it is a little further than that and so it is going to be more advantageous to stay there as well.