Started My New Job at the Hotel

So I just started on my job and it seems that I am on bed bug patrol at this hotel. The manager taught me how to figure out if there are bed bugs in a room and so they send me in the room as soon as one of the guests leaves. The fact is that just about every person who checks in could be bring bed bugs in their luggage. You do not want to wait until you have a full blown epidemic. Of course we pay for bed bug removal services and that is who you call if the room has bed bugs. The key is to find them before they spread to the other rooms. In fact if you are really quick about it you can keep them from becoming much of a problem at all. You just do not rent out the room that is infested and you are careful with the bedding that you get out of the room. In fact you have to realize that this sort of thing can be ruinous if you are not on the ball with it. The fact of the matter is that there are dozens of places on the internet where people post hotel reviews and the last thing that you want them to say is that your hotel has a bed bug problem. That is going to stop most people from going to your place. They find bed bugs icky of course and they are not going to lay down in a bed if they think they are going to be bitten by bed bugs. Of course my job is to be vigilant and to find out if we have them. So far I have only found one room which had a small number of the things.