Reaching My Goals with a New Condo

I have had my eye set on working in the Central Business District for a while. Because of that, I started looking at different condo developments that are close to it. New Futura is one that is just now being completed, and it is also very close to where I want to work. I decided no time is better than the present, and I had a headhunter help me get the job of my dreams there. I knew I had to make a fast move on it because I wanted to get a condo at New Futura too.

After looking at the development, I knew that it would not take long before all the condos were taken. That is why I had to move fast on this because I knew that living anywhere else would just be settling. That is something that I am not a fan of. I ended up getting a three bedroom condo at New Futura, and it is even better than I could have expected. The reason I got a three bedroom when I am a single man is because I know that I will find the woman of my dreams, and I am hoping that we will have two children.

I had already checked the school districts in the area even though it will be years before I will have children old enough to attend. I was quite pleased with their ranking though, so I knew that when the times comes, we would not have to settle for their education either. This condo development truly is the most ideal location ever. It is close to my work, great schools are around it, and there are quality shops and fantastic restaurants real close too. Now that I have the job and home I want, I just need to find the woman of my dreams!