Evil Lurks Around the Corner

Once I had a bad dream about being bitten by a snake and told my grandmother about it. My grandmother believes in all kinds of superstition and supernatural things, so when I told her about the dream, she started freaking out. She told me that I should get psychic tarot card readings as soon as possible, because the dream might mean something bad is going to happen to me in the future. Once in a while my grandmother will visit a psychic and swears by it. If I didn’t get a tarot card reading, my grandmother would just keep nagging me about it until I finally went to see a psychic.

The tarot card reader’s place looked nothing like what I expected it to look. Having seen various movies and television shows, I expected to see a room that looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 70s, but this place was fairly modern. The card reader greeted me and pulled out a deck of cards to start the reading. Continue reading Evil Lurks Around the Corner

The New Shop is About to Open

I have not ever been in charge of a shop before and I am learning a lot the hard way. My boss shows up once a week, which is obviously to look over my shoulder. He fixed me up with something called a paystub maker because we have a rather specific need for it with a new employer. He is here on a visa which allows him to work under specific conditions. I can not really explain it and I honestly do not really care all that much about it to be perfectly honest. If he needs to have a pay stub, then we can find a way to get that done. However I have a lot of things which are a lot more important for me to deal with. Obviously we use direct deposit and the company has as long as I have worked here has done this. I love it and I always have, there is not any real purpose to having to spend half an hour of your time in a bank cashing a pay check. Continue reading The New Shop is About to Open

New Construction Materials Make for Great Hardwood Flooring Options

We closed in a concrete porch. It was a concrete pad that had a footer and block foundation. The concrete pad was in contact with the ground. The walls and new roof were put up, and electrical outlets were installed. The windows were put in before the outlets. Then insulation was put in and drywall hung. The interior flooring and trim work was last. We needed a vapor barrier down on the concrete and a foam underlayment on top of that. The floor had to be leveled with floor leveler in a couple of spots. We started with an even and dry surface. Continue reading New Construction Materials Make for Great Hardwood Flooring Options

Just Got Offered a Job I Don’t Want

I was doing the usual round of auditions last week and I actually got a part, but it is not really going to be practical. I do not understand why they really had a try out down here. The work is for a Japanese drama, which would quite obviously usually involve working in Japan. However this episode is being filmed here, but not here in Southern California. Instead it is being filmed in Las Vegas. They are not offering to pay for any of the expenses however. Of course I am not really a full time actor. I do it when I am able to get work and when I have to get paid I work at a restaurant as a chef. Continue reading Just Got Offered a Job I Don’t Want

I Look So Much Better with New Eyelashes

When I have complained about my eyelashes to friends before, some thought that it was a really silly complaint. A few of them did get it, but I still stopped talking about it. I know that there is world hunger and war going on, but my eyelashes were making me feel really self conscious about myself. While I would take this over a tragedy in my life, it was still something that bothered me a lot. One of my friends told me not long ago about an eyelashes extension procedure that her cousin had got, and she said that it was definitely something that I should look into.

She got the website information for me, and I must have thanked her two dozen times since then. I honestly was not sure what to expect before I looked at it. I was not sure if it was going to be high quality fake eyelashes or something more tasteful. The part of the site that I really liked was that I was able to see pictures where I could actually see the difference that the procedure makes for certain people. Continue reading I Look So Much Better with New Eyelashes

My Boss Wanted to Plant Some Trees

I was not surprised to find out that the lot my boss had just purchased needed a lot of work. He just wanted a large space where he could build his offices and warehouse, which is exactly what he did. When he was done though, even he had to admit that it looked really bland. He knew that first impressions matter, so he asked me to contact a tree service in Nassau County to plant some trees around the buildings and along the driveway. I was really happy that he was going to contract this out, because something of this scale is best left to the professionals. Continue reading My Boss Wanted to Plant Some Trees

Could It Really Be Haunted?

Have you ever walked into your house, and the lights start to flicker and you get that weird feeling like you’re being watched? Well I had that feeling a week ago, and immediately wanted to get out of there. My husband laughed at me, and told me to find an electrician in Passaic County NJ, but I was certain that there was some kind of entity in my house.

It got more strange as the week went on, not only the lights flickering anymore. The televisions were turning themselves on and off, and my work computer would restart itself when I randomly looked at it. I was getting more and more scared with every passing minute of being in that house, and my husband was ready to put me in the loony bin.

If I were in his position, I probably would have thought I was crazy too. He never witnessed any of this, so he thought my head was just playing tricks with me or something. Continue reading Could It Really Be Haunted?

Started on a New Project

The boss and I did an inspection yesterday and started to think about how logical it is going to be to work on this brownstone that he wants to buy. Of course the building is really pretty old and the last owner has not been doing very much to keep it up. I spent the day with this guy I know who provides hvac services in NYC and he gave me a quote that makes a bit of sense for us, although it is sort of on the margins of what we were hoping. Obviously any time you get a quote on a job you are going to want to have it be less, but this is something that can be worked around. You just have to accept that the other guy needs to make money or it does not make any sense for him to work for you. We are certainly going in this with the intent of making a profit for ourselves.

I am probably going to get a place set up where I can lay down and sleep. Continue reading Started on a New Project

I Wanted to Be in the Music Business

I love everything about music, which is kind of ironic since I cannot carry a tune. That did not stop me from doing everything I could to have a career in music though. Granted, singers do need to have amazing vocals, which is a mix of pitch, harmony and other traits, to go anywhere in a musical career. But, they do not get to the top on their own. They need others who understand music to get to where they are, and that is why I decided early on to go to music school.

I was not going so I could learn how to carry a tune or sing in the right pitch. Continue reading I Wanted to Be in the Music Business

Got to Do Some Hand’s on Training Today

Of course in Aviation they are really strict about everything and so they do not teach you how to work on planes without being really careful. At any rate they finally let us out of the classrooms today and we got to work on some simple maintenance jobs on a light aircraft. The task today was pretty simple and to the point. We removed an ads-b transponder and then we replaced it. Actually we took the same one out, tested it to see if it was working properly and then we put it right back where we had gotten it from. It would not have taken very long at all, except that there is really strict procedure that must be followed. You have a check list that you have to follow exactly or they will really get on you about it. It is not as though it suffices to do the job the way that you are supposed to do it.

Instead you need to have a trail of paperwork which basically says that you did every step of the job exactly the way that they want you to do. Continue reading Got to Do Some Hand’s on Training Today

It is Nice to Have a Simple Helper Tool That Keeps Me Aware

Twenty two years ago, I was married very young and was pretty naive about the world. I had my head in the clouds and did not think much about the fact that you may not be married to the same person for the rest of your life. I was a romantic, and I thought it was that way for everyone. But then I learned that my husband was cheating on me, and was soon alone and single. Now, that I am married again, I am far more savvy about things. To illustrate, I use snap spy app to keep tabs on my hubby with one of the programs he uses often.

I have no intention of making my husband uncomfortable. He has no idea that I use the program, and he really doesn’t need to. But I have children from my previous marriage, and I have a lot of assets of my own that I brought to this new relationship. Continue reading It is Nice to Have a Simple Helper Tool That Keeps Me Aware

Helping Those Who Gave Their All

When people hear about veterans charitable organizations, I wonder how many are thinking of the men and women who come back with physical wounds. They definitely need our help and support. After all, they were overseas fighting for our freedom, so we need to do all we can to show them our gratitude. However, most of the wounded who come home are hiding their scars inside them. Think about it. These men and women have seen things that we cannot even imagine. We have all seen war scenes on TV programs and movies, but those are fictional accounts.

The real deal is much worse. I know because I have served overseas and seen some of these atrocities myself. Thankfully, I am a Christian, and I have been able to rely on my faith to get me past the horrid memories of what we saw over there. There are so many people who don’t have that luxury though. Continue reading Helping Those Who Gave Their All

Learning How to Use CAD

Obviously if you are a modern engineer then one of the most critical concepts is learning how to efficiently and effectively employ the tools of modern technology. You are not competing against guys who use drafting tables and that sort of thing, you have to be able to use computers and software which is going to assist you in Computer Aided Design. We have a huge CAD library at the school of engineering and there is a lot more that you can learn about it than one person is going to be able to absorb in the time that I have available to me. Continue reading Learning How to Use CAD

Hunting As a Means to Get Food to Feed My Family

I have friends who watch TV shows and read magazines on how to be better at hunting. I just grab my rifle I have hunted with since I was a teenager, slip on one of the appropriate camo rifle covers I have for the season and terrain and go hunting. I learned the basics of hunting from my grandfather and my dad. When they were growing up, meat on the table came largely from what you could get yourself while out hunting. My dad said that Grandpa kept the family in meat and Grandma kept them in vegetables. She had a green thumb for growing the best produce and getting the best harvest from the fruit trees in their yard.

My wife and I do not make a fortune at our jobs, and hunting does fill up our freezer with good venison and other meats. I have friends that pay to go hunting. The go on these hunting adventures. I hit the nearby woods with my old rifle and get food when it is in season. The only expense I have is my hunting license and ammo. Continue reading Hunting As a Means to Get Food to Feed My Family

I Needed a Good Solicitor

People make really stupid mistakes sometimes. I thought that I was immune to that, but it turns out I wasn’t. I got into a fight with someone, and the police quickly became involved. Though I felt I had every right to do what I did, I also understood that there is a process in place where I would have to defend my actions in a court of law. I thought briefly of defending myself, but that lasted for a mere moment. I quickly went online to look at criminal law firms in Sydney because I was not about to make a second crucial mistake in such a short time, which is what it would have been if I had defended myself. Continue reading I Needed a Good Solicitor