Our Future Looks Pretty Exciting Now

I wanted to move far away from everything I had ever known. My two young daughters really didn’t care where we lived because they were just too young to understand certain things. I sat down and thought long and hard, and that is when I knew that Vegas was going to be our fresh start. I work from home, so I would be able to work from anywhere, regardless of the location. I went online and started looking at Las Vegas apartments in Summerlin after finding out that was a good neighborhood to raise two young girls.

Even though neither one of them are in school yet, I still checked the school system to make sure it was a good place for them to get a quality education. I was impressed with everything that I read, so I went ahead and looked at a few of the apartment complexes there. While most were nice, none of them could really compare to what Palms at Peccole Ranch was able to offer us. I was able to find a nice three bedroom apartment that both girls really enjoy a lot. Even though they share a bedroom right now, I knew that could change at any time.

In the meantime, I use the third bedroom as a home office. The girls’ room is so big that they have plenty of room to play in even after the bunk beds and dressers were placed in there. They have their own bathroom, and they love going out on the patio and playing there too. There is even a playground that they can play at, as well as swimming pools for the three of us to enjoy together. This is definitely a major change for us, but it is the fresh start that I wanted. Our future looks pretty exciting for all of us now!