Our Columbia SC Apartment Even Has a Garage!

It is my wife and I and our dog. We wanted a nice place to live that we could afford. We weren’t ready for a house yet, but we did want a nice place. Something that did no feel cramped and had a lot of amenities. This is what we found when we rented our Columbia SC apartment. I could tell as soon as we drove up to the gate that we would like living there. The gated apartment complex is a nice touch. We even have a garage!

The place has tennis courts, a pool and a playground. We were going to wait until we both had our Masters degrees, but this place is really family friendly. We have been having the talk of kids now or later. We are leaning to the now. If it wasn’t for this place, we probably would be holding off. We have nice neighbors, and the place where the apartment is at is safer than so many other places we have checked out. The big factor is the space we have in our apartment. We will not be cramped with us, a child, our dog and even a couple of in-laws visiting. We certainly did not have that before.

The part about the garage sold me. I even have room in it to do guy stuff. I need a space to do my guy stuff. I like working on projects to build different things. I’m the type of guy that would have tools on his dining room table if I was a bachelor. Since I’m not, that is why I need the garage. We can park our two cars in parking spaces in the spacious lots. I will use the garage for my personal space to work on some of the smaller projects I build for the company I work for. We are very happy to have found this place.