Opening Up a Restaurant is Risky Isn’t It?

Obviously you have to think about risk and reward when you work on something like this and we are really wondering about what is going to make the most sense in that regard. Obviously the brave thing would be to start out on your own idea and try to turn it in to the next big franchises chain. You could copy a lot of the ideas that they have been working on in the United States or in the other countries. Obviously in the UK you would want to think about what is going to work in this market. It is not like you are going to want to be making something that would appeal to people who lived in some other country and thinking it will automatically work here. For instance when you go to a Chinese Restaurant the truth is that you are not really getting a real Chinese experience for the most part. They are adapting the recipes to the market that they are selling in and so when you get Chinese Take out food it is really geared to the people buying it and not the actual Chinese.

I have been to China and Singapore. The restaurants that they have over there serve food that is not all that familiar to us. It is not quite the same as what you can get in this Soho place that sells fried rice and egg noodles. Of course you would look at getting a Panda Express if you really wanted to think about a franchise that sold Chinese food, but they have their own recipes and it not something that has a lot of anything to do with traditional Chinese cuisine, or at least it is not anything like any of the stuff that I have seen on offer.