My Boss Wanted to Plant Some Trees

I was not surprised to find out that the lot my boss had just purchased needed a lot of work. He just wanted a large space where he could build his offices and warehouse, which is exactly what he did. When he was done though, even he had to admit that it looked really bland. He knew that first impressions matter, so he asked me to contact a tree service in Nassau County to plant some trees around the buildings and along the driveway. I was really happy that he was going to contract this out, because something of this scale is best left to the professionals.

Last summer, I had a tree that was cracked from a lightning strike, and the company that came out was able to completely remove it, trunk and all, quickly and inexpensively. I knew that if I ever needed any other work done, they would be the ones that I would go to for it. Since my boss left the choice up to me, they were the only ones I even considered calling. I knew that they also do commercial landscaping from the research I had done on their company before hiring them to take down my tree.

I went to their website so I could get their contact information, then I gave them a quick call to explain what we needed. They sent someone over just a couple of days later to look over the property and make sure that they could do what we wanted. We just needed trees, and they helped us pick the ones out that would look the best and also thrive the most of all the ones we could plant in our region. They planted all of them as well as some shrubs, and it has really perked the property up a good bit!