Moved to This Little Town Called Wharton

I just got here the other day. I stopped by the Wharton Reliant Energy office this morning and gave them a deposit so that they would hook up my power. There was something going on, apparently it had to do with the previous tenant at this address. I would suppose that some person owed them money and they were thinking that they still lived at the address and some other person was hooking up the power to avoid the bill. In fact as I understand it the previous tenant is on the run from some sort of drug charge, at least that is the gossip. There is a lot of that in these sorts of little towns, I know that from having lived in other little towns. I went by the post office and filled out the paper work for them to deliver to my address and I got a P.O box too. I have to have that for the business mail, because you can not leave some of this stuff sitting in the mail box for just any random person to take and read.

My place is on the Colorado River, but of course it is not too far from Houston either. I had to stick close enough so that I could drive up there when I needed to do it, but I wanted to get a place where I was out in the country. My plan is to get a couple of quarter horses and build a little stable. There is plenty of land here and it is not going to be that big of a deal to do it. It is all just a matter of finding the money to do it and not going broke in the process. Of course I am not looking for a racehorse.