Looking for a Place Near Dallas

At the moment I have to think about finding a place fairly close to where I work, which is off the highway nearly Dallas Fort Worth Airport. I have a little apartment right now, but it is in the wrong area for me to commute from with any ease. And I have also managed to save enough money to make a down payment on a small house. I have to think about what my total cost will be though. That includes everything from the Dallas electricity rates to the cost of sandwiches at the canteen at the office. Of course my main bills now are my rent, my car insurance and groceries. I have a car that I was able to pay cash for and it has held up very nicely. It has around a hundred and fifty five thousand miles on it now, but it still runs great and so long as I take good care of it there is no reason to replace it. It looks like a bit of mess.

The guy who had it before me wrecked the thing bad enough to ruin the looks. In fact the insurance agent told him the car was almost a total loss because it looked so bad. When I found it I knew that I would be able to find another car that had been wrecked on the other side and that is what I did. So I got the car for about a thousand dollars and I put another thousand in to it to make it look like a decent car.A friend of my cousin helped me with it, to be honest I am quite sure he learned how to do this stuff in a chop shop, but that is not any of my business is it really.