Looking for a New Job

I was looking for a new job in the intra or internet field. I did not know a lot about it, but I knew that I wanted to work in technology somehow or another. I was very interested and I worked on it a lot throughout my life so far, but I did not have a lot of formal training. I knew that I would be good at any job that had anything to do with inter or intranet software. I looked online to see what kind of information I could find about any jobs in the field. i did not find a lot, but I did find a few promising offers. I contacted a couple firms that I saw online. I just wanted to konw exactly what they did and how they worked and if they ever hired anyone just off the street. I found out a lot of information and found some information that was upsetting. Most of the firms did not have any job offerings and they did not hire anyone unless they were formally trained. Since I knew I wanted to work in technology, I knew that I should probably get into school. I went online and researched my schooling options. It was all very overwhelming. I decided to go to a local college later and talk with an advisor. I knew that an advisor was formally trained in their field and could help me decide what path to take. It did not help with my need for a job now, though. I decided to continue my search for a technology degree, but in the meantime, I needed to find a job. I looked online to see if I could find a job in any technology related field. It was a big search and I was getting quite frustrated. It seemed everyone wanted a job in the technology field.