Just Got Offered a Job I Don’t Want

I was doing the usual round of auditions last week and I actually got a part, but it is not really going to be practical. I do not understand why they really had a try out down here. The work is for a Japanese drama, which would quite obviously usually involve working in Japan. However this episode is being filmed here, but not here in Southern California. Instead it is being filmed in Las Vegas. They are not offering to pay for any of the expenses however. Of course I am not really a full time actor. I do it when I am able to get work and when I have to get paid I work at a restaurant as a chef. The people who employee me allow me a good bit of leeway in the work hours that I do, but they do not allow for me to leave town for three days at a time. That would not be fair to the other chefs who would have to take up the slack.

In fact it is going to be a losing prospect for me to do this, because I have to have a place to lay my head at night and so forth. I would be losing work and I would be doing a job which is not going to help me with the future. If you are acting the idea is to build up a body of work that is going to help you get better work in the future. However that is only of value if you get seen doing the work. Doing work that is seen in another country is not really the way to move the ball up the field. Of course if the job paid better, then all of that would not matter so much.