I’m Just As Proud of My Parents As They Are of Me

My parents always told me how proud they are of me because I have always done so well in school. When I gained admission to a good university, I found myself floundering with my physics class, though. I was a disappointed in myself and worried that my parents would feel the same way. My mom was the one who told me to stop worrying so much and that she would gladly pay for A level physics tuition at a company that she knows of. She said she knew that I could make it through my class with a little extra help and that I shouldn’t mistakenly assume that every student gets by with no help for at least one of their classes.

My parents have been instrumental with keeping me balanced and focused. They have always strongly encouraged me to do well in school, but they have never pressured me. I am the one who puts a lot of pressure on myself. Knowing that they are proud of me is what has lead me to push myself really hard in school, but that is certainly not their fault. My mom told me when I was really young that she envisioned that I would be a doctor one day, but she never pressured me over career choice either. It just so happens that the medical field is something that I have always been interested in on my own.

My dad has told me at times that he is in awe of me. He says that he’s in awe of my intelligence and surprised that he actually has a son who is so smart. He says this because he does not realize that he is very smart, too. He has been an electrician all of his life, and he’s always assumed that it isn’t a very good job to have. What he fails to realize is that he runs his own company, and I know for a fact that managing employees is something that I personally would not be able to do as well as he does.