I Wanted to Be in the Music Business

I love everything about music, which is kind of ironic since I cannot carry a tune. That did not stop me from doing everything I could to have a career in music though. Granted, singers do need to have amazing vocals, which is a mix of pitch, harmony and other traits, to go anywhere in a musical career. But, they do not get to the top on their own. They need others who understand music to get to where they are, and that is why I decided early on to go to music school.

I was not going so I could learn how to carry a tune or sing in the right pitch. I already knew that I could not really do those things. What I wanted to learn was everything I could about audio engineering and studio recording. Take the best singer you know, and think about how he or she got to where they are right now. It was not on their own, I can guarantee you that. They needed someone who understands audio engineering to help them get where they are, and that is where I wanted to make my impact in the music world.

I was able to find a great local school that has amazing teachers and programs. What I liked best about it is that I would not need to devote four years of my life to it. It was a 12 month program, and I was able to learn everything I needed to know. Education is great, but experience is even better. I learned what I needed, and I was able to get in the work field even quicker. I know others who have had a longer education than me, but they did not learn much more! I have three years experience over them, and that means the world in this industry.