I Used an App That Really Helped Me Fix My Marriage

It was shocking to me to see that my marriage was falling apart. My husband and I had been so in love prior to the two of us having three children together. At some point, he began withdrawing from me and would not talk to me when I tried to understand what was going on. He was spending a lot of time chatting to a variety of people online. But with a password on his account, I couldn’t look. I found a Kik spy program that helped me to get around it. It was the only way that I could figure out what on earth was happening.

My hubby and I spent so much time with one another over the years before we had any children. But as everyone knows, having children can take up all of your time. One child keeps you busy, but three children can keep you from taking care of yourself or your spouse. I tried my best to treat him with care and love, but there was often something going on with our kids that would put a stop to my plans. When my husband spent a lot of time being silent around me, it really worried me. I wondered if he was leaving me, or if he was depressed or what exactly was happening. I tried asking outright how he was feeling and if he was upset with me many times, but he kept saying that everything was fine. But then being silent ninety percent of time does not indicate that anything is fine.

After I started using the app, I finally figured out the bigger picture. My husband was not cheating on me, but he was certainly telling his friends that he did not feel appreciated or loved by me. It made me sad. But what it did do was to help me to see that I needed to find a balance between caring for the kids and him.