I Started Working on This Old House

I started working on this old house at the start of the week, my buddy Andy convinced me that it was going to be a good deal. Of course when I got there it was a pretty hard sell and I was not able to even stand the place until after I found a guy who does drain cleaning in Bergen county. The pipes were backed up and it was an awful mess and just terrible to be in that place . Of course you could not hardly breathe the air in there. The first thing I had to do after the guy fixed the pipes was to air that place out . I got two of those really big fans and set them up so that it pulled air from outside of the house into the building and vice versa, It was a couple of days before the place was really easy to walk around in. I found this dehumidifier and used it too.

At any rate what I have now is a fairly straight to the point remodeling job. What Andy wants is not a big deal. He want to get the place fixed up so that he can charge a decent rent on it. In fact I am thinking that the location is not too bad for me. If it was cheap enough I might be interested in the place myself, but of course I mostly just want to get paid for this job. Andy is probably trying to figure out how to work some sort of barter deal and that would be okay with me if he came up with something that made sense for me. If not then he can pay me the money that he is supposed to pay me. It is not like I am doing this for free.