I Needed a Good Solicitor

People make really stupid mistakes sometimes. I thought that I was immune to that, but it turns out I wasn’t. I got into a fight with someone, and the police quickly became involved. Though I felt I had every right to do what I did, I also understood that there is a process in place where I would have to defend my actions in a court of law. I thought briefly of defending myself, but that lasted for a mere moment. I quickly went online to look at criminal law firms in Sydney because I was not about to make a second crucial mistake in such a short time, which is what it would have been if I had defended myself.

I had never needed the services of a law firm before, let alone one that handled criminal matters. I wanted to make sure that I chose the right one, which meant that I had to research the different ones in my area. I ended up choosing the one that answered a lot of my questions on its website. I was debating on whether I should just plead guilty and accept my sentence, but I had second thoughts about that after looking at their website.

I made an appointment and was able to see a solicitor that same week. When I explained the circumstances surrounding my arrest, I did not see any judgment in her eyes. That was crucial for me, and I knew I had made the right choice. She advised me that pleading guilty would put a mark on my record, but that it would also likely be the only plea the judge would accept, because I truly was guilty. She did help me get the charges reduced though, and the mark on my record is not as severe as it should be, thanks to their help.