I Look So Much Better with New Eyelashes

When I have complained about my eyelashes to friends before, some thought that it was a really silly complaint. A few of them did get it, but I still stopped talking about it. I know that there is world hunger and war going on, but my eyelashes were making me feel really self conscious about myself. While I would take this over a tragedy in my life, it was still something that bothered me a lot. One of my friends told me not long ago about an eyelashes extension procedure that her cousin had got, and she said that it was definitely something that I should look into.

She got the website information for me, and I must have thanked her two dozen times since then. I honestly was not sure what to expect before I looked at it. I was not sure if it was going to be high quality fake eyelashes or something more tasteful. The part of the site that I really liked was that I was able to see pictures where I could actually see the difference that the procedure makes for certain people. I was so inspired after seeing that, and I immediately booked an appointment to have the same procedure done on me.

There were different ones I could have done. I debated for maybe two seconds before deciding that i wanted the dramatic Cirrus lash. With this procedure, between three and six eyelashes were attached to each of mine, making the finished look full of volume. When I first looked at myself in the mirror after having it done, I was speechless, which is saying a lot for me. I just could not believe that those beautiful eyelashes were really mine. I have had so many comments and compliments since having this done, and I have to agree that I look so much better now!