I Have Been Dog Sitting

Of course I have been looking for my own place for a bit, but the apartments for rent in Mission Viejo that I have found are usually too expensive. If I could find a roommate that probably would be something that I could manage. You usually find that it is not really that much more for a two bedroom apartment than it is for a single bedroom place. Obviously you would be splitting the cost and you would generally end up paying about three fifths as much. Some of the time it is barely more than half as much, but that would be uncommon. If you had a three bedroom place, then you could get an even better bottom line. However the problem is that you can not just go out and pick some random goof off the street corners. The person that you pick needs to be someone who can be trusted. They need to have a job and they need to keep it as long as you require him to pay his share of the rent.

At any rate I love this place where I have been watching my friend’s dog while he is on vacation. It is called ReNew at the Shops, and this is a luxury complex with all of the amenities. Some of them I would not have a great deal of use for, like they have something called a business center. It has all of the stuff you need to do teleconferences I think, or at least that was how I understood it. Then they have all of the office machines that you would need. I do that stuff at work though. The gym and the swimming pool are flat out awesome however. I used the gym a lot while I was there and I swam almost every day.