I Am Still Moving My Stuff

Of course a lot of the things I had were not really worth the effort, so that stuff I gave away or I left it on the curb for anyone that wanted it. I ordered some new stuff from a place called New Futura in singapore and that was a lot easier for me since they were happy to put it in a truck and bring it to my new place. In fact I just had to set a time and they rang the bell and sat it all down where I told them to. Of course I am on the 13th floor of a big building and so that makes it pretty tough to move big stuff. I went to that over the weekend and a lot of people were not too happy with me. I had to wait to find an empty elevator and then people would stop us on their floor and find out that I was in there with my buddy and a big load of my stuff, so there was not any room for them.

One time we almost had some of my stuff take off without me. We were trying to get as much as we could on the elevator to take as few trips as possible, but we could not figure out how to get this couch in the elevator and while we were being baffled the door started to shut. I had to dive over and stick my hand in the door to stop it from wandering off. Of course I have a couple of things to move that are not going to be so easy to move without a pick up truck, so I am going to have to either borrow a truck or figure out how to rent one of them.