Hunting As a Means to Get Food to Feed My Family

I have friends who watch TV shows and read magazines on how to be better at hunting. I just grab my rifle I have hunted with since I was a teenager, slip on one of the appropriate camo rifle covers I have for the season and terrain and go hunting. I learned the basics of hunting from my grandfather and my dad. When they were growing up, meat on the table came largely from what you could get yourself while out hunting. My dad said that Grandpa kept the family in meat and Grandma kept them in vegetables. She had a green thumb for growing the best produce and getting the best harvest from the fruit trees in their yard.

My wife and I do not make a fortune at our jobs, and hunting does fill up our freezer with good venison and other meats. I have friends that pay to go hunting. The go on these hunting adventures. I hit the nearby woods with my old rifle and get food when it is in season. The only expense I have is my hunting license and ammo. I process the meat myself in the garage. If you have bought a steak or roast recently, you know that it can cost a whole lot of money. We eat good without having to pay for store-bought meat. Plus, we do not have to endure the antibiotics and other nasty stuff they feed cattle and other livestock you get in the stores nowadays.

I know that some people are against hunting. However, they are not against eating meat. I can respect those who do not eat animals and choose not to support hunting. However, what is the difference between me getting our own meat or other meat eaters getting it from a store? I think my way is actually more humane. The animals I take did not have to live in a pen or cage.