Helping Those Who Gave Their All

When people hear about veterans charitable organizations, I wonder how many are thinking of the men and women who come back with physical wounds. They definitely need our help and support. After all, they were overseas fighting for our freedom, so we need to do all we can to show them our gratitude. However, most of the wounded who come home are hiding their scars inside them. Think about it. These men and women have seen things that we cannot even imagine. We have all seen war scenes on TV programs and movies, but those are fictional accounts.

The real deal is much worse. I know because I have served overseas and seen some of these atrocities myself. Thankfully, I am a Christian, and I have been able to rely on my faith to get me past the horrid memories of what we saw over there. There are so many people who don’t have that luxury though. Without faith, they are left to their own devices to try and get through each day. Post traumatic stress syndrome is a very real problem, and I am so thankful that there are organizations out there that want to help people I have served with and ones that I will never meet.

One organization in particular has captured my attention. The Crockett Foundation was founded by a family who has strong ties to the military, and they have such a huge desire to help emotionally wounded veterans. They support the training of service dogs to help vets who suffer with PTSD, but they do other things too. They purchase resources to help with other types of therapies too, and I have seen firsthand how these actions have helped some people. I am proud to offer my support to them because they are offering their support to the people who have given their all for this country.