Helping My Mother is a Nice Thing to Do in Return for All That She Has Done for Me

I felt ashamed that I didn’t realize more quickly that my mom needed my help. She was having trouble financially, but she didn’t say much at first. But when she started speaking up about it, it took many more months for me to realize that I needed to get a job. I saw a job posting for a part time helper for Singapore businesses, and I decided to apply. I needed to do something pretty quickly to bring in some money to help my mother, and I was very lucky that I got hired rather quickly. My mom has done a lot for me, and it’s only fair that I try to help her in return.

I still live at home. I am no lazy deadbeat, though! I am in college. I am going to school on full scholarship, so my mom does not have to help pay for my school. However, I use the utilities at home, she drives me back and forth to the university campus, and I eat the food she buys. I’m a 6 foot tall male, so I do eat a lot! I do have homework that I need to tend to, but I am one of those people who can breeze in and out of my classes and pass all the tests without having to study all that much. That means that I have free time on my hands.

Now that I have been hired as a helper for a local company, I feel really good about turning most of my earnings over to my mom. She cried often previously when she could not cover all of our bills, but she says that the money I now give her is a big help and she feels much better. She never told me outright that I needed to get a job. In fact, she thought that I should just focus on school and not worry about anything else. I feel better about working during my free time, though. It was the right thing to do.