Got to Do Some Hand’s on Training Today

Of course in Aviation they are really strict about everything and so they do not teach you how to work on planes without being really careful. At any rate they finally let us out of the classrooms today and we got to work on some simple maintenance jobs on a light aircraft. The task today was pretty simple and to the point. We removed an ads-b transponder and then we replaced it. Actually we took the same one out, tested it to see if it was working properly and then we put it right back where we had gotten it from. It would not have taken very long at all, except that there is really strict procedure that must be followed. You have a check list that you have to follow exactly or they will really get on you about it. It is not as though it suffices to do the job the way that you are supposed to do it.

Instead you need to have a trail of paperwork which basically says that you did every step of the job exactly the way that they want you to do. In fact you have to do everything right and when you have a problem you need to be able to backtrack and make sure that it was all done right. It is not like a car or a motorcycle. If a plane has mechanical problem you do not get to pull over on the side of the road and call a tow truck to pull you back to the garage. In fact there is a very good chance that you end up dead or very seriously injured. They want to know who to blame it on after that, mostly because you have to do everything possible to prevent those sorts of incidents.