Getting Massive Gains in Followers and Likes on Instagram

You have probably heard of something going viral. That is not something you want when it comes to your body, but it is something you want when it comes to social media. Well, as long as what is going viral is not embarrassing. I’ll rephrase that and say you want your good advertising to go viral. However, you cannot run a business waiting for that to happen. You need to generate leads day in and day out. I wondered about using GWAA to get more Instagram followers and likes. It takes a huge exposure on the Internet using social media to generate a decent return.

Acquiring customers is always a big expense for businesses. It is funny, but bad press gets out fast and for free. The good stuff about your business seems to take forever to get out there to the masses. Think about it. If you have a great product, there will be a few people that take the time to tell others. However, if you have a product or service that does something bad, it gets shared fast. Human nature I guess. To combat this effect online using social media for marketing, you need to get your advertising seen by the most people. This is why I was thinking about if GWAA would be helpful in promoting my social media presence by adding to my follower count.

Our Instagram base of followers was growing slowly. A quick boost of followers would get us seen by many more people. They would share stuff with others, and this would boost our chances of being seen by people who would like what we have and share it with more people who like what we offer as a business. I’m talking about huge numbers of followers, not the small percentage you can get by offering an incentive to follow.