Getting Help is More Important

When my son started taking physics in school, he was having a hard time. He came home with bad quiz scores and he wasn’t understanding any of the assignments. The other students were having a tough time too, but he was feeling especially bad about it because he was always used to getting high marks on everything. I didn’t really know much about physics, so there was nothing I could do to help him, but I did have the ability to pay for A level physics tuition. When I told my son that he would he having a tutor, he wasn’t sure about the idea at first.

My son felt that having a tutor would make him look stupid because he would have to resort to help to pass physics. I asked my son to think about whether passing with help or not passing at all was more important to him. His desire to pass above all helped him get on board with the idea of having a tutor. After spending some time with the tutor, my son warmed up to him and was more receptive to his teaching. He began to understand the concepts and could correctly finish his assignments.

In only a short time, my son was able to rise from the depths of failure in physics to the top of the class. He looked forward to seeing the tutor each week, and when the students saw how well he was doing in the class, they wanted my son to help them. Some were even willing to pay him for help. I guess once my son graduates, he could have a lucrative career as a tutor. There are a lot of kids who are more than likely going through the same situation as him and don’t know how to get help.