Fun with the TV Service

My satellite TV used to go out all the time and it was the most annyoing thing. I couldn’t watch my favorite shows without seeing a lost signal notification. I could understand if there was some bad weather causing the problem, but the weather was perfectly normal. On a bright and sunny day, the signal would get lost. I made the tough decision of parting ways with my provider and finding a new one to take its place. I ususally get flyers in the mail for various providers, but I thought it would be better to find one online.

Fniding a provider online was a piece of cake, and I found much better deals than the ones that were offered on the flyers. I contacted one of the satellite providers and signed up for a multi channel package deal that included all of the movie channels, all of the sports channels, all of the internatiooanl channels, and a DVR for a low price. They even agreed waive the installation fee and provided me with a discount on my first bill. Some companies really know how to make a first impression, and this one was really good at it.

The quality of the picture is much better than it was with my old provider. I’ve never had a signal drop from this company, even when the weather is at its absolute worst and it looks like the sky is going to fall. I like being able to record up to 4 shows at once, and watch them all later seamlessly. There is an extensive on demand library, so I can watch many shows and movies that I haven’t had a chance to look at, and I can rent movies and even buy movies. It’s much better than the video rental stores used to be.