Cool Features We Enjoy with Our Home Security System

We lived in a nice neighborhood in the Los Angeles area. However, that does not mean anything when it comes to keeping our home safe. It is more than just being concerned about intruders. There is the concern of fire safety and even carbon monoxide gas from the water heater. We have pets that we really care about who are left at home while we work and the kids are in school. We wanted them to have the protection a monitored alarm system from ADT in Los Angeles CA provides.

I think that when people hear anything about an alarm system for their homes that they immediately think about a loud siren that goes off if someone breaks in. That is part of it, but today’s home security systems offer so much more. The number one thing is that our alarm system is monitored by live agents around the clock. If a sensor is tripped, the monitoring agency is notified over the cellular network. Continue reading Cool Features We Enjoy with Our Home Security System