Quick Money to Build and Grow

You will need Virtual Families 2 money cheats if you wish to make fast progress in this super fun sim type game. I don’t know why they call it a cheat, actually, because in a game like this you can’t really cheat. It’s in the nature of the game, the way it unfolds, that sort of makes it impossible to cheat. All you will accomplish by getting more money is being able to grow your families faster. It means more space, more houses, more pets, and other things that make the game so much fun. But it’s not really cheating.

It’s not cheating because you’re not getting ahead of anyone to win the big prize because there isn’t some big prize. If you’ve played these types of games, you know what I mean. Continue reading Quick Money to Build and Grow

The Best Priced Laptop for Cyber Monday

My daughter has been asking me for a new laptop for several months. I have been telling her to ask Santa Claus, but she just rolls her eyes at me when I say that. I guess that might be because she is 14 years old? Anyway, I had already planned on getting her one even before she started asking me, because hers is several years old. I had to use it not long ago, and I even grew frustrated with how slow it is. I know there are going to be some cheap Cyber Monday laptop deals, and I am just biding my time until then. Continue reading The Best Priced Laptop for Cyber Monday