An Apartment for My Dogs and Myself

I already knew what I wanted as far as actual apartments in Tallahassee FL. I needed a one bedroom unit that is large enough to where I don’t feel like I am living in a box, but I was not sure what I wanted beyond that. I knew that whatever place I chose would have to allow dogs, because I have two that are family to me. When I came across Parkway Square, I knew that it was everything I could hope for, and then some. First off, the apartment itself is quite spacious.

The apartment I had been living in was barely over 500 square feet, but the one that I moved into at Parkway Square is well over 800 square feet. That is almost twice as much room! Also, they allow dogs, and even have a bark park for them. That is probably my favorite feature of everything, because it means they can both run off leash without me worrying about them getting away since the enclosure protects them both. Continue reading An Apartment for My Dogs and Myself

I Am Much Happier in My New Apartment

I was so happy to finally start looking at nicer apartments for rent for Tallahassee FL. When I first moved here, I had just graduated from college and did not have a lot of money. Because of that, I really had to settle for a very small apartment in a section of town that is not the best. I knew that if I worked hard and made good choices, that would not be my life for long, and I was right. I did end up saving for a couple of years so I could pay off some debt, but then I decided it was the right time to finally move into a nicer apartment.

I knew that I was going to look at Tally Square first because it is located just a couple of miles from where I work. I pass it just about every day, and I have always been impressed with how clean it is. Continue reading I Am Much Happier in My New Apartment

Finding an Oceanside Apartment for Life out of the Military

When my husband was honorably discharged from the Marines after a lifelong career, we had already fallen in love with living in California where he had been stationed at Camp Pendleton. We knew there was no way we could take the winters of our home state of Iowa again and began to check out luxury apartments in Oceanside CA for a new place to live.

Oceanside offered the very best of both worlds for us. Close enough to the base for my husband to drop by and visit friends and far enough away that we weren’t living in the camouflage world of military housing. Continue reading Finding an Oceanside Apartment for Life out of the Military

An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

I am a pretty quiet person. It is not so much that I am shy though. I just tend to stick to myself, so I wanted to find a place to live that would not have a lot going on there. I prefer quiet areas where there is not a lot of noise, so I did a search for apartments for rent in Colton CA that had positive reviews about the quiet setting of each one. When I looked at The DIstrict, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. It looks very low key but it is extremely modern, making it perfect for me. Continue reading An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

I Have Been Dog Sitting

Of course I have been looking for my own place for a bit, but the apartments for rent in Mission Viejo that I have found are usually too expensive. If I could find a roommate that probably would be something that I could manage. You usually find that it is not really that much more for a two bedroom apartment than it is for a single bedroom place. Obviously you would be splitting the cost and you would generally end up paying about three fifths as much. Some of the time it is barely more than half as much, but that would be uncommon. If you had a three bedroom place, then you could get an even better bottom line. However the problem is that you can not just go out and pick some random goof off the street corners. The person that you pick needs to be someone who can be trusted. They need to have a job and they need to keep it as long as you require him to pay his share of the rent. Continue reading I Have Been Dog Sitting

It Took Me a Long Time to Do the Right Thing

It took me decades to do something about the bad marriage that I was in. The older I got, the more uncomfortable I was thinking about spending my remaining years in a bad situation. Age is what made me act to do something about calling a divorce lawyer in Schenectady NY to end my marriage. I had married very young, and I didn’t really know what I wanted back then. I didn’t really know what to look out for and stay away from at that time. Now that I’m older, I know exactly what I want.

I fell in love with my husband when I was only 21 years old. At that age, I didn’t feel like I knew everything there was to know. Continue reading It Took Me a Long Time to Do the Right Thing

Our Future Looks Pretty Exciting Now

I wanted to move far away from everything I had ever known. My two young daughters really didn’t care where we lived because they were just too young to understand certain things. I sat down and thought long and hard, and that is when I knew that Vegas was going to be our fresh start. I work from home, so I would be able to work from anywhere, regardless of the location. I went online and started looking at Las Vegas apartments in Summerlin after finding out that was a good neighborhood to raise two young girls.

Even though neither one of them are in school yet, I still checked the school system to make sure it was a good place for them to get a quality education. I was impressed with everything that I read, so I went ahead and looked at a few of the apartment complexes there. While most were nice, none of them could really compare to what Palms at Peccole Ranch was able to offer us. I was able to find a nice three bedroom apartment that both girls really enjoy a lot. Continue reading Our Future Looks Pretty Exciting Now