They Just Don’t Understand Technology

My father finally decided to do something about his back pain, so he enlisted my help in finding a chiropractor for treatment. I told him to do a quick search online so that I could help him pick one. There were so many Sacramento chiropractors to choose from that my father just threw his hands in the air and completely gave up. This tends to happen a lot with him and technology. Once we were trying to book a flight online and he just became overwhelmed by all of the information on the web pages.

Since my father had essentially tapped out, I took over and used the computer to find a chiropractor that I thought would be good for him. Continue reading They Just Don’t Understand Technology

A Friend, My Parents and My Teachers Helped Me to See What’s Possible

I was really excited about the life one of my friends lived in the big city when I went to visit him. I wanted to live in the same city, but didn’t know if it was possible. I helped my friend move into a new place, and I got to see some of the luxury apartments in Atlanta Buckhead where he moved to because he took me on a tour. He told me that if I worked hard, I could move there one day, too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live there exactly, but I knew that if I wanted a better life, I really did need to move to a large city where there were lots of options to choose from.

I was always a nerd in high school, but I didn’t really apply myself for the first couple of years of high school. Continue reading A Friend, My Parents and My Teachers Helped Me to See What’s Possible

I Don’t Want to Live Anywhere else

I knew that I was going to look at luxury apartments for Atlanta GA, and I was thrilled to see that there were several for me to choose from. I was not worried so much with the location for work or anything, as I know that is a huge consideration for a lot of people. I used to be the same way, but I am a telecommuter now. That has made life so much nicer for me, and I love working from home. It has also been very profitable for me, which should be obvious since I am moving up to a much nicer apartment.

What I mainly wanted was a nice apartment that made me feel really good inside of it. I have lived in a couple of dumps, but most of my former rental houses or apartments have been on the average side. Continue reading I Don’t Want to Live Anywhere else