Taking Control of My Vehicle’s OBD and ECU to Tweak Field Performance

I have a special SUV I use as a geologist. I work for energy exploration companies as a subcontractor. Therefore, I provide my own equipment. I can be out in the middle of nowhere for days in my SUV. It even has an elevated platform I can set up a tent on. In order to make it perform like I want in the field, I use VagCom OBD and ECU software along with a fully functional connection cable to adjust engine and transmission performance. I need to have one set of parameters for driving on the paved roads, and another set for when I am off road. This is especially true if I am in very high elevations.

I just have the software on my laptop, and I make the adjustments as they are needed. I have learned a lot about vehicles since I was a kid. I use the knowledge to get me and my vehicle into places other geologists just fly over or look at satellite images to make decisions. Continue reading Taking Control of My Vehicle’s OBD and ECU to Tweak Field Performance

I Used an App That Really Helped Me Fix My Marriage

It was shocking to me to see that my marriage was falling apart. My husband and I had been so in love prior to the two of us having three children together. At some point, he began withdrawing from me and would not talk to me when I tried to understand what was going on. He was spending a lot of time chatting to a variety of people online. But with a password on his account, I couldn’t look. I found a Kik spy program that helped me to get around it. It was the only way that I could figure out what on earth was happening.

My hubby and I spent so much time with one another over the years before we had any children. But as everyone knows, having children can take up all of your time. Continue reading I Used an App That Really Helped Me Fix My Marriage

Evil Lurks Around the Corner

Once I had a bad dream about being bitten by a snake and told my grandmother about it. My grandmother believes in all kinds of superstition and supernatural things, so when I told her about the dream, she started freaking out. She told me that I should get psychic tarot card readings as soon as possible, because the dream might mean something bad is going to happen to me in the future. Once in a while my grandmother will visit a psychic and swears by it. If I didn’t get a tarot card reading, my grandmother would just keep nagging me about it until I finally went to see a psychic.

The tarot card reader’s place looked nothing like what I expected it to look. Having seen various movies and television shows, I expected to see a room that looked like it hadn’t been updated since the 70s, but this place was fairly modern. The card reader greeted me and pulled out a deck of cards to start the reading. Continue reading Evil Lurks Around the Corner

The New Shop is About to Open

I have not ever been in charge of a shop before and I am learning a lot the hard way. My boss shows up once a week, which is obviously to look over my shoulder. He fixed me up with something called a paystub maker because we have a rather specific need for it with a new employer. He is here on a visa which allows him to work under specific conditions. I can not really explain it and I honestly do not really care all that much about it to be perfectly honest. If he needs to have a pay stub, then we can find a way to get that done. However I have a lot of things which are a lot more important for me to deal with. Obviously we use direct deposit and the company has as long as I have worked here has done this. I love it and I always have, there is not any real purpose to having to spend half an hour of your time in a bank cashing a pay check. Continue reading The New Shop is About to Open