Fun with the TV Service

My satellite TV used to go out all the time and it was the most annyoing thing. I couldn’t watch my favorite shows without seeing a lost signal notification. I could understand if there was some bad weather causing the problem, but the weather was perfectly normal. On a bright and sunny day, the signal would get lost. I made the tough decision of parting ways with my provider and finding a new one to take its place. I ususally get flyers in the mail for various providers, but I thought it would be better to find one online.

Fniding a provider online was a piece of cake, and I found much better deals than the ones that were offered on the flyers. Continue reading Fun with the TV Service

Started My New Job at the Hotel

So I just started on my job and it seems that I am on bed bug patrol at this hotel. The manager taught me how to figure out if there are bed bugs in a room and so they send me in the room as soon as one of the guests leaves. The fact is that just about every person who checks in could be bring bed bugs in their luggage. You do not want to wait until you have a full blown epidemic. Of course we pay for bed bug removal services and that is who you call if the room has bed bugs. Continue reading Started My New Job at the Hotel