Could It Really Be Haunted?

Have you ever walked into your house, and the lights start to flicker and you get that weird feeling like you’re being watched? Well I had that feeling a week ago, and immediately wanted to get out of there. My husband laughed at me, and told me to find an electrician in Passaic County NJ, but I was certain that there was some kind of entity in my house.

It got more strange as the week went on, not only the lights flickering anymore. The televisions were turning themselves on and off, and my work computer would restart itself when I randomly looked at it. I was getting more and more scared with every passing minute of being in that house, and my husband was ready to put me in the loony bin.

If I were in his position, I probably would have thought I was crazy too. He never witnessed any of this, so he thought my head was just playing tricks with me or something. He honestly asked me to go see a doctor and get myself checked out to see why I was having hallucinations. I knew I wasn’t crazy though, because my children seen it too, and the chances of my children and myself being crazy were pretty slim!

Well, it really turns out that my electricity was out of whack. Apparently there was a lose wire and it was effecting my lights, and television and computer. It was all in the living room area, and once the technician fixed it all of that stopped. I feel kind of silly, but ultimately I’m okay because I know I’m not crazy. My husband on the other hand, feels like a jerk because he was ready to have me admitted. In his defense, I probably would have had him admitted if he were spouting crazy stuff too.