Building Our Automated Home in Florida

We decided to move to Florida, but we decided to build a home rather than buy. We wanted a home that was hurricane resistant and secure from intrusion. We even hired a company that does home automation in Boca Raton to make our home modern. The lights, window shades, HVAC, door locks, garage doors, audio system, security, ceiling fans and much more are all capable of being remotely controlled and monitored. Our landscape lighting looks like a work of art unto itself. We have landscape audio components and an outdoor entertainment area. All of it was custom designed for our home.

Home automation can be at any level. Yes, it is a matter of convenience, but it also is very helpful in conserving energy as well. Our shades are set to automatically close when the sun begins to heat a room too much. The automation and the shade design reduces the amount of electricity we need to use to keep our home at a comfortable temperature. There is one room that can get really hot if you leave the shades up too long, and we would just forget to lower them. Automation does it for us, and saves on electricity.

I like that I can control the automation from a tablet and from my smartphone. The components are connected to our Wi-Fi, and that allows us monitoring and control even when we are not at home. We have even sheltered-in-place during really bad storms because we know our home design can take it. The company we hired that does home automation in Boca Raton is familiar with the Florida climate and its special design needs, so all of the indoor and outdoor automation holds up to the heat and weather. This is not like that self-install home automation stuff you can buy off the shelf.