An Apartment That Feels Like Home to Me

I am a pretty quiet person. It is not so much that I am shy though. I just tend to stick to myself, so I wanted to find a place to live that would not have a lot going on there. I prefer quiet areas where there is not a lot of noise, so I did a search for apartments for rent in Colton CA that had positive reviews about the quiet setting of each one. When I looked at The DIstrict, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. It looks very low key but it is extremely modern, making it perfect for me.

I wanted a nice apartment with a private balcony in a quiet neighborhood, and The District fit all of those requirements. I looked at the pictures on their website and I could tell that I would enjoy living there just from that. There are plenty of amenities, but none of them looked like they would have a swarm of people at them during the times I would be likely to use them. After looking at the neighborhood and features that all of the tenants can enjoy, I focused my attention on the interior of the apartment.

It is a small one bedroom, but it is laid out in a really nice way so it is actually quite spacious. My favorite part is how the living room and dining area are combined. Some people might want to have separate areas for these two rooms, but I would rather have one large living area instead of the two. I eat most of my meals on the couch or on the patio anyway, so I can use the living room as a partial library too to hold all my books. This is the first place where it has actually felt like home to me.