An Apartment for My Dogs and Myself

I already knew what I wanted as far as actual apartments in Tallahassee FL. I needed a one bedroom unit that is large enough to where I don’t feel like I am living in a box, but I was not sure what I wanted beyond that. I knew that whatever place I chose would have to allow dogs, because I have two that are family to me. When I came across Parkway Square, I knew that it was everything I could hope for, and then some. First off, the apartment itself is quite spacious.

The apartment I had been living in was barely over 500 square feet, but the one that I moved into at Parkway Square is well over 800 square feet. That is almost twice as much room! Also, they allow dogs, and even have a bark park for them. That is probably my favorite feature of everything, because it means they can both run off leash without me worrying about them getting away since the enclosure protects them both. They have even met some doggy pals that they enjoy playing with every chance they get. Seeing them both thrive here has been the best part of moving here.

This apartment has so much more though. The apartment itself is spacious and nice, and it has a lot of interior amenities that are just amazing. I happen to like the exterior features just as much though. There are two pools here, a fitness center that has everything I could want in it, plus a couple of sports courts where I can play tennis or volleyball with others. It is never hard to find a partner here since there are a lot of other young singles here too. This apartment has really been a blessing to me and my pups!