A Story Told Through Paint

There is nothing like having your own place. I was recently able to afford my first home after several years of saving every penny that I scraped together. Wanting to avoid having a mortgage all together, it took extreme patience not to cave and give in during the period where the market slumped low after the bubble finally popped. I wanted so badly to sign a mortgage to score myself a sweet deal but I’m happy with what I have, even if I need an interior painter in Bergen County NJ. I’ve heard they’re the best which this place definitely is going to need!

I don’t know who owned it before I did but it’s clear that they didn’t care for their home. It was a near wreck when I bought it; mold growing in the walls with much of the paint having been stripped or damaged so badly by the mold that I stripped the rest of it myself. I had to deal with the mold before moving in which meant that painting was going to have to be the last thing that I actually did when the last of the mold was finally gone. It’s been well worth it, though!

I kind of want to actually put murals through the entire house. I think that would look amazing! Sure, I want the walls to be actually painted but I think it would give the house a lot more life if each room had its own unique mural. Especially so if the murals are somehow connected, like some sort of visual story that’s told as someone wanders through the house. I could make it so that it’s not so very obvious at first, placing a clue here and there which will be noticed studying it and encouraging someone to go ‘read’ the story!