A Shed Made of Scrap Metal

Earlier in the year, I came up with some plans to build a new shed after my old one fell apart. The shed had become rusty and once the roof caved in due to plant debris, the whole thing started to collapse. Initially I was just going to buy a shed from the store and put it together, but the prices were too expensive. After making the plans, I looked at the scrap metal prices and bought some pieces in the dimensions I needed to build the shed. The shed is mostly made of metal, but it features a wooden base held in place by concrete, along with wooden frames for support.

Putting together the shed was a pretty easy job. I had all of the wood pre-cut at the hardware store, so I didn’t have to worry about dealing with any heavy and expensive saws. Most of the work came from putting the nails in the wood frame and attaching the metal to the wood. It all came together in a couple of days. I was lucky that I didn’t have any rain fall while I was putting together the shed. I had a tarp ready to prevent any rain from getting in the work area.

The shed I created was big enough to store all of my tools, along with my lawn mower. It’s easier to wheel the lawn mower out of the shed on the folding ramp I created, rather than having to move my car out of the garage and pull it out that way, or push it through the back door. To prevent anyone from breaking into the shed, I installed a deadbolt lock that opens by two sets of keys. I’m the only one with a pair of those keys, so only I can enter the shed.