A Friend, My Parents and My Teachers Helped Me to See What’s Possible

I was really excited about the life one of my friends lived in the big city when I went to visit him. I wanted to live in the same city, but didn’t know if it was possible. I helped my friend move into a new place, and I got to see some of the luxury apartments in Atlanta Buckhead where he moved to because he took me on a tour. He told me that if I worked hard, I could move there one day, too. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live there exactly, but I knew that if I wanted a better life, I really did need to move to a large city where there were lots of options to choose from.

I was always a nerd in high school, but I didn’t really apply myself for the first couple of years of high school. The teachers told my parents that I was extremely intelligent, but that I didn’t apply myself. My parents worked on that with me and they got me to understand that wasting my time worrying about being a nerd with no friends or girlfriend was not getting me anywhere in life. They explained that some people are just late bloomers. They also explained that nerds who work hard are usually the ones who end up with the best jobs that make them a lot of money. But they said that would not happen if I spent time worrying about the wrong things.

I threw myself into my college studies. My family had helped me to understand that I was focusing on the wrong things previously and that I needed to change my thinking. Rather than wasting time feeling sorry for myself, I needed to work on bettering myself so that I would have a lot to offer a really great woman one day. I knew what I wanted because I was older when I met my future wife, and I made a good choice with the person I picked. Together, we work hard and both have plans to make something of ourselves career-wise.